Red Door Suppers

St. Albans started Red Door suppers as an outreach to the community in April 2010. Joan French and Phyllis Cook were the first coordinators. We started with 8 teams of 6 people for each team. Our initial intent was to serve the people living in the parks and behind the grocery stores. However, we accidentally discovered people in all walks of life from the street to those who run out of money during the month, to those who just want fellowship.

This ministry at St. Albans has been very successful both for those who visit and those from St. Albans who participate. We continue to have teams who set up and prepare the meals, then clean up afterwards. Very often we have other volunteers including children who join to help. We continue to search for people, regardless of race or creed who are in need or desire companionship, especially the elderly. Many attendees join us regularly while other just join us occasionally based on their individual wishes. Other than a prayer, the meals have no religious content although we do hope that as a result of attending some will find the desire to attend a church in the area. We especially welcome people from other countries and cultures. Red Door Suppers has also served to allow and encourage new people in the church to get involved in outreach and be able to assimilate into the community quickly.

After about three years the Lutheran Church and Faith United Church started teams as well. So, Windsor churches provide meals on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday to its people in need. A side benefit has been that St. Alban's became known in the community as a place with the Red Doors that was safe to congregate and a place to worship.

As so often happens, once we began this ministry, we found other needs in Windsor. Faith United Church has had a Food Pantry for the Windsor-Severance area for many years. Once again, the Food Pantry is there to provide food for the needy. St. Albans participates in the activity by providing volunteers to work at Faith United as necessary. Volunteers from St. Albans also participate in the Weld County Meals on Wheels program which delivers meals to individuals in the county who are in need of prepared meals.