On January 7th 1905, a notice appeared in the Poudre Valley newspaper that Saint Alban's Episcopal Mission would hold Services every third Sunday of each month at the Christian church with Reverend Irenaeus Troutt of Loveland and Windsor officiating. The notice urged that “All are cordially welcome to these brief, right, brotherly services. “ Note: the Christian church is the one located directly to the north of our present location. We have had a long history together!

It is not known how well attended the services were but the notice appeared regularly until December 16th 1905. While no further mention of monthly services is made, it can be assumed that the congregation continued meeting because on November 17th 1906, a notice appeared in the Poudre Valley requesting, ”All who are interested in establishing and Episcopal Church in Windsor... To meet at the home of Mrs. HH Bills, Tuesday, 11/20, at 7:30 p.m. Reverend Trimble would be present at this meeting.”

The church was not established at the time and no further mention of the congregation can be found until October 16th 1909, when a brief article appeared stating that: "The Reverend Bonell came up from Greeley Tuesday (10/12/09) to hold services in the Christian church and while here, christened Dorothy, the daughter of Griff Teller and his wife.” One article states that the baptism was the catalyst for getting the church built.

Reverend Bonells’s interest in establishing a church for Saint Albans was demonstrated when he attended the tea party on January 19th 1910, in the home of Mrs. JE Mabel King. Eight ladies were present in addition to the hostess and recorded as Mrs. Adam Hahn, Mrs. Ida Cloud, Mrs. HH Bills, Mrs. T Lowry, Mrs. Nettee Cloud, Mrs. EJ Rourke, Mrs. Fred Klingenberg, Mrs. Myrtle Teller. At this meeting Rev. Bonell, in the words of Mrs. Teller, “proposed plan by which we could accomplish as anything anytime and to any degree if we only have faith and work hard enough. “

Guild Formed

Saint Albans Guild was conceived and the ladies wasted no time beginning to sew for their first moneymaking project, an Easter Bazaar which was held election day April 5th 1910.

On March 26th 1910 the first published notice since 1905 regarded regularly held sessions for the Episcopal congregation appeared. Services would be held the second and fourth Sunday of each month at 2:30 p.m. in the Christian church. Reverend Bonell was pastor, with HH Bills serving as senior Warden, Dr. TB Gormly is Junior Warden and John Rork as treasurer.

Father Bonell

Father Bonell

For approximately 6 months beginning in June 1912, the guild went to the Perkins building for worship services. The Christian church needed to use its own space. But in 1913 were again renting the Christian Church. In addition to the money raised to pay for the church lot and begin a building fund, between the years 1912 and 1910, the ladies also earned enough to buy hymnals and an organ and a contract to have an altar built.

The Cornerstone for Saint Albans Mission church building was laid in August, 1914. Only the nave was erected at first, later the altar and still later the guild hall.

Meanwhile the Reverend Bonell was busy with his full-time Parish duties at Trinity Church in Greeley, his part-time duties at St Albans, and the founding St John's theological Episcopal College in Greeley. The college gave loyal support to St. Albans with students assigned regularly to serve the Mission.



On May 10th 1932 a service was held for the consecration of the church building by the right Reverend Fred Ingley, the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado. The offering taken at the service formed the nucleus with which to enlarge the guild hall. A mortgage-burning ceremony followed the consecration and Mrs. Ida Cloud, a charter member of The Guild was given the honor of burning the mortgage.

First Full Time Vicar

When St. John's closed, Dean Bonell moved to Windsor in 1936, to become, at the age of 70, the first full-time Vicar of Saint Albans 32 years after its original reception.

The Guild remained active in July of 1953, three women were appointed to head a committee for a fund to” raise the roof” of the vicarage. They were recorded as Mrs. Theo Sorensen, Mrs. L A Warner and Mrs. Lulu May. The basement living quarters and the roof had been completed several years before. This is the building we know as the “little house” next door.

Dean Bonell retired on August 31st 1957 at the age of 90. He left Windsor to live with his daughter in Galveston, Texas. He died on November 4th 1958 at the age of 91.