Get involved … Get connected … The Door is open … There is room for you here!

Throughout his earthly ministry, Jesus called each and every person he met – whether through his teachings, his healings, or through just sitting and being present with another person – into community.  And people everywhere sought him out and followed him because they wanted something more in their life – something greater.  They too were looking for community.    

Today, people are still looking to get connected – looking for community – through work, social media, even and oftentimes, church. Here at St. Alban’s, there are many ways for you to get connected – whether it is through a fellowship event, a small group Bible Study or Book Study, attend a faith formation opportunity, serve in worship, share your musical gift, or help us care for each other and serve our neighbors in the community. Whoever you are, whatever your story, wherever you find yourself in your faith journey, there’s a place for you here. Whenever you are ready to connect with others or share your time and talent in this place, we are glad to have you join us. 


Red Door Suppers